Welcome one and all. Having a body like a Hollywood actor is just too much hard work for a mere mortal. To be honest, it not all that healthy anyhow. In fact, it seems to be more soul destroying anyhow. Who wants that?

Now I’m a little overweight and need to lose some kilos. They will go with time, but I also want to get a little fitter and a bit stronger too. So I have joined a gym. Try as I might, I will also do what I can to reduce the intake of bad foods. Cutting them out completely is hard work and often leads to a bad binge. We’ve all been there. Every bit of junk food skipped helps just a little, so it stands to reason that if we occasionally fail and eat some junk food, it only hurts just a little. The trick is that we need to help ourselves more than we hurt ourselves.

I will be adding some photo’s of myself on this journey to a slightly better me. Now, to warn all of you, this will be an honest blog and so when I say look OK naked, I mean naked! Yes, I will put up photo’s of myself naked here. In the cause of decency, I will ensure that the boring bits like knees and feet are not included (a heartfelt apologies to all those foot fetishists out there). One other thing, I have a head for radio and will comply with the Geneva Convention on human rights; so my head wont be seen. I can hear the future echo’s of millions of people sighing in relief. You are all most welcome.

Lastly, we are all on this earth to enjoy ourselves and have some fun so please enjoy. Feel free to ask me anything.

Signed the Mystery Blogger

P.S. How original!

P.P.S. A name should come soon but some photos will come sooner.


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