CFNM has the most views so far

Out of all the posts that I have made, the one that received the most views is the CFNM article. Now I’m not a polished writer. I write this as I go with a small amount of correction. The main reason for this is that I want my posts to feel genuine and not constructed. Still, one proof read to make sure what I write makes sense should be allowed. Maybe it was the writing quality that put them off making a comment. I don’t know. Just out of curiosity, I wonder if I do a second CFNM article, if that gets more views.

This is spur of the moment and my original article had my main CFNM fantasy in it. Still, one of the things that I also find curious is, what kind of body women find interesting. Do they want a buff, muscled body of some twenty-something? Would they prefer a dad bod of a forty-something? While I doubt it, there might even be some women out there that would like to see a really fat guy. In end effect, I think that everyone should be allowed to enjoy the person that they like.

Me personally, I’ve always favored normal looking women over the dolled up types. There is a beauty there that is often overlooked. Here is a confession, there is one mum at my daughters school who I find very attractive. Luckily, here children are a bit older than my daughter so there is not much contact needed. Also she does sound a little too ocker* for my tastes which helps. Physically, she ticks all my boxes. My wife would not be happy if she knew. Even when nothing would ever happen. I’ve never had something with a workplace colleague so why would I start here.

So to finish off, if you are female and reading this, please leave a comment as to what kind of man you would want for some CFNM fun. If you are male, feel free to be honest and say what kind of body you have and if you would even participate in some CFNM fun. A special bonus to the mums and dads dropping off their school kids. Are there other parents that you fancy? We are only human and so this is perfectly OK and quite normal.


*Ocker means speaking with a stronger Australian accent which I don’t find that attractive.



While this is a little off topic, I find that here I can have a look at a number of things. The world is a varied place and there is certainly room for everyone. What I find interesting is that there seems to be a niche in CFNM that hasn’t had much room.

I might be wrong here, but CFNM tends to fall into the category of female domination of men. As long as everyone is willing and in most cases this is the case, then go for it. Make yourselves happy.

Me on the other hand, have found CFNM appealing long before I ever heard these initials. I can remember years ago seeing an add where an older lady wanted a young male to visit her from time to time and basically just hang out naked. She reserved the right to touch him but wanted to also reserve the right to remain clothed if she so wished. For me this sounded perfect but back then I was just too shy and unfortunately I have regretted not trying to contact this woman ever since.

While this does sound somewhat femdom, it seems more equal. Both sides agree to meet up. Both sides agree to wear or not wear clothes. Both sides agree to let her touch his genitals. Both sides agree to possibly take it further.

Oddly enough, I have developed a fantasy that just won’t go away. Realistically it most likely will never come true but does it need to? Not sure.

It is somewhat simple.

Firstly, it is myself naked. Either one woman clothed or a small group of women all clothed. I then serve tea and coffee plus cake to the lady/ladies. If the lady/ladies wish for me to sit with her/them, then I will sit, eat and drink with them. I then clean up the plates and cups. As far as rules are concerned. I can be touched anywhere but it must be gentle. So no hard yanking of my penis or shoving fingers up my bottom. The ladies choose to either watch or participate. Nothing could happen or we could have sex and it is up to her/them.

There is no domination and it is all very respectful. Considering that I enjoy giving oral sex, this is definitely something that I would be happy to include. I do get a lot of enjoyment from pleasuring. Some might see this as some kind of submissiveness, but I see subdom as being something else. I might be wrong here.